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(no subject) [Jan. 14th, 2006|04:16 pm]

I'm moving

gogogogo =]

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Come and get to know me more [Jun. 12th, 2005|07:00 pm]
[Right now, as I write this, I am feeling... |amusedHappy]
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My name is Rhiannon Morgan. Call me Rhi. I hate the name Rhiannon. Well, I like it as a name. Just not my name. I am 15. Tis weird. 15 feels not different to 14 and 14 no different to 13 but overall I have grown up. strange, well I think so. I am short (sadly) and have brown untamable hair. It only looks nice now and again, but then instantly changes to a boof. It's not nice. when its straight i liek to think it makes my eyes look nicer. i can tell people dont think so. I dont mind as much as I used to be about beinf short. There are people the same size as me. Soe why wory. Plus its fun to be picked up by people (sometimes) I love snow and building snow men and snow angels etc. My hands so really cold after. but its worth it. My hands usually go cold quickly but they dont go dead like everyone elses. They go red and thin and they look so weird. SO unlike my hands. For some strange reason I like seeing them like that. God knows why. they're pretty. I am one who gets confused very easily indeed. I am in set one for maths in year 10 and I still count with my fingers. In the recent test I was looking around and everyone was working hard and there was me counting on my fingers. It was worth it though - I got that question right. I like a lot of different types of music though I dont have a favourtie band. I like it better that way. Though it leads to confusion when People ask what my favourite band is, to say I have not got one confuses them - they aren't very bright really. Like me I guess. It takes not much to get me to like someone a little bit but after a certain point I fall fast and hard for them. I am a sucker really, or a romantic. I prefer the second but i think I am the first. I want what I cant have and then when I have it I somehow always mess it up. I like pretty things like Stars, Sunsets and i like beaches in the summer and half light. Even Penarth beach is alright then. I always wish on stars. I ahve since I can remember. I stopped for a while. But I didnt like it so I started again. You have to wish. it gets you through life. I like playing kiddie games because a part of me already misses being a child. I especially like playing childish games in the sun on a large piece of grass. (like Wannsee) I have a scrapbook full of lists and pictures and basically the creative side of my mind. I love this book. I think it's coz it's me. I have no sense of direction at all. I have my mother to thank for that. I dont mind at all though, I just follow people who do know where they are going. I love songs, especailly songs with a meaning, ones you never get sick of hearing and ones you have memories hidden within. I have many of them. I love them dearly and hope to god I dont forget them like I will all the other fabby memories I have. I like doing random things, though I am not a very random person. I have random urges though. Like bikeriding in maths and going to pizza hut when I am in bed. They are awesome. I love writing but I am one of the worst penpals you can ever have. I love writing letters. Especially long ones to friends telling them everything. Emails are nearly as good. But lack something. Maybe its just that thy're not handwritten. I also lurve recieving emails and letters. Currently I don't owe anyone a letter apart from Lou (crazy German buddy) but according to her i always owe her letters. I have this Lj and a diary. I would hate it if someone ever read my diary. I rarley say what I am thinking. I cant decid if thats a good or bad thing. I tend to bottle things up and then one day it will all hit me and I will just sit and cry and cry over the stupidest little things. I tell a few people some things. I have started to more recently. but no where near as much as i should. well, enough to stop me crying. I do actually rely a lot on people. Just to be there for me and such. but I don't do emotive comversations. If someone gives me a comment I dont know how to react. I usually laugh it off. Fuck all that *smile and say thankyou* poo. I love camping. I secretly wish I was a camping/nature girlie but I really am not. I swore more than I ever have for D of E and got so many thorns. I am putting myself thro it again next year though. I am strange like that. I want to do so many things in life. I dnt think I will have the time. Or be clever enough to do them. I wanna be able to sit down and tell my grandkids about the adventures I have been on. I never look people in the eye. Well, I never used to. I am starting to more now. I don't know why I don't. does it show insecurity? Who knows. I am very insecure. I usually need a second opinion before I do something. I try to plan everyhitng and think ahead but I somehow always manage to have no idea whats going to happen. I do like this way better though. I love my friends with all my heart. <33. I try to help them and fail. I try to be a nice friend. I am pretty sure I fail at taht too. I get fascinated by little things. I can sit there for hours looking at something really simple. I love painting and being creative. I need to do it more. I love letting myself go, I need to do that more often also. I love chatting for hours and hours about nothing in particualr and watching the world go by. I love spending hours lazing on the trampoline with my friends. You'd think I would be sehr skinny all that bouncing I do but it does nothing. I go trampolining. 2 hours a week with a coach. She's cool. We dance and such. I love silences between people. Not the awkward ones though. Just the comfortable ones friends have. I love doodling. I get so bored and I just pick up my pen. Stars i draw everywhere. I like private jokes between friends. I have so many, and not just jokes, like sorta secret things type thing. I also love the moments between friends that you'll never forget. I have loads of them but i bet you anything the other friend invloved has forgotten them or they dnt mean as much to them. Here are some private joke type things.
*No (like dog noises)
*cakes and matresses
*Is there any hope for stale baps?
*Cologne Chocolate factory (hahahah why?)
*swimming at christmas time
*smacking bum game
and such. I have more. I'm just to lazy. I hope I never forget them. I know I will. But I keep refreashing myself of them every so often. I am a quiet person. Untill you get to know me. Well, I'm still quiet but less so. I talk a shit load more when I am tired. Words just come out of my mouth and I cant stop it. It helps me talk to people I dont really know I spose. I get so grumpy when I am tired. You really don't want to see it. I go into a *screw you and everything* mood and just shout. its fun. I sing a lot. but I don't like people hearing me. So i sing very quietly under my breath. I like singing. I cant curl my tongue, twist it upside down, do the other curly thing with it. Nor can I touch my nose with it or roll my R's. like *arrrrrrrriba* yea. But I can spread my toes. and I can make my toes touch my head from going behind my body. Which is weird seeing as I'm really not a streachy person. I have braces. I have done for 3 and half years. The dentist keeps lying about when they are coming off. I just keep going to see him now and again. He tells me my teeth are beaudtiful. then tells me to see him again in 8 weeks. Actually my teeth do look a whole lot better. They were all wonky and gross before. I didnt like them. I cant imagine myself with braces. its too weird. Theyve become a part of me. sort of. I love doing random acts of kindness. like leaving notes where people can find them and such. Not many people do them for me. But it still makes me feel good and nice. People tend to get mad at me easily. then i get mad at them. But they get more mad at me coz I am mad at them. its a horrible circle. I don't like it. I am not a daring person. I dont do things that will make me look stupid. Or things taht I could hurt myself doiung. I do sometimes actually. But I have little confidence in myself. So I don't try. I don't regret anything major in life. There are little things I regret everyday. But no major regret. I don't like dwelling on the past. but I do. A lot. I cling onto the past so fucking much. I need to start thinking about the future more though. Its not gonna happen. I am scared of heights (apparently) I get wobbly and cant look down when I am up high. I told my mother this. She nodded wisely. Then gave me a patronising look. I am scared of what might happen to me in life. I am scared I will fail everything. i am scared of rejection (isnt everyone.) A lot of things scare me when I get the time to think about them. I love secrets. I hate secrets. My own and other peoples. I love having secrets. I hate secrets against me. They're not nice at all.
I liked doing this.

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Friends [Jan. 6th, 2005|08:17 pm]
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